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Guidelines for Reaping Maximum Benefits when Using Equine Assisted Therapy

Man has for centuries learned the value of horses. The horse has always been in his side to help in any of the tasks that he has to accomplish. There is the need to know that the horse has the strength and grace to help a person heal from addiction or any mental problem. This kind of treatment that uses horses is known as Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT). The following are important guidelines that will help you to explore the full benefits of equine-assisted therapy.

First, there is the need to consider the fear factor. There is the need to know that there are those people who do not like being around horses. You will find that some client is not best friends with animals hence will always feel uneasy. Cases could be that they had a nasty experience in the past with an animal and they developed some fear. There is the need, in that case, to ensure that you talk to your mental health provider to ensure that they consent whether the person is fit to use EAT or not.

You need to look also at the issue of timing. Depending on the problems the client is going through, you need to tell when is the best time for them to start to use the EAT. There is the need for detoxification first in the case of a drug addict before adding EAT on their program. This would be important for them before adding the equine-assisted therapy on their program. There is the need to ensure that you wait for the perfect time of incorporating equine-assisted therapy on the patient’s program for maximum benefits.

The other thing that you need to put into consideration is cost. First, you need to know that the fees for the EAT services will vary depending on the location they are provided. Another important thing that you need to have in mind that many insurances do not cover these services as they are new in the market. In that case, there is the need to ensure that you get to talk to your local equine therapy facility to know the amount your loved one requires to enjoy these services.

Equine assisted therapy has proved to be effective in helping those dealing with mental and substance abuse issues. It is important, however, to ensure that you consider the above factors to ensure that they reap the maximum benefits of this form of therapy.

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