Best Pet-friendly Hotels In New York City

Visiting Manhattan on a new York holiday will give you the opportunity to visit New York’s amazing China Town. Eat in an Asian restaurants, shop at the Asian grocers and lines of trinket shops throughout the crowded streets. Then, while in the area, jump cultures into Little Italy. This lively district along Mulberry Street is worth the visit.

The Hilton Club New york is designed is especially with the suave and sophisticated in mind. And might we add snobby? Whatever your class, you can only bring pets under 30 pounds into the rooms with you. However, the 9.00-per room starting tag does include complimentary continental breakfast each morning, so you might as well pamper yourself with spacious rooms, gourmet restaurants, and massage services while your pet gets those little specialties the Hilton hotels provide for furry friends.

(#1) Location. Let’s face it, no matter how nice the hotel is (and it’s very nice) the most important part of being in NYC is not hanging out in your hotel but enjoying yourself in the big apple. It helps to be a prime location and this hotel certainly has that.

Millionaire William Waldorf Astor opened the 13 story hotel on the site of his former mansion in 1893. Four years later the 17 story Astoria Hotel was built on an adjacent site, by cousin John Jacob Astor Iv. The original Waldorf-Astoria closed in 1929 to make way for a new hotel at a site 15 blocks north, on Park Avenue. The hotel opened in 1931 was the largest and tallest hotel in the world.

The Algonquin Hotel. The Algonquin, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, near the famous Theatre District and Times Square. This historic hotel has welcomed guests for more than a century.

The 900 rooms vary from the older-style sleeping accommodation to the more fashionable family suites; comfy and with taste furnished. If you would like that extra refrigerator or hair-dryer, they are available on demand.

It has been reported that Zachery Tims, 42, was found dead in a New accommodation new york room around 6:00 p.m. on Friday, August 12, 2011, at the W Hotel in Times Square.

Those hoping for a more authentic experience should check out the most reasonably priced hotel in the Murray Hill area of new York City. The Gershwin has long been a favorite of foreign visitors because of its fun and unique design aesthetic, not to mention the incredible price. This hotel offers two types of rooms, the communal and the single. The single rooms offers more privacy and its own bathroom. The communal rooms have the fun and laidback feeling of a youth hostel, with its shared living quarters and bathrooms. They also have suites available for those who want privacy and incredibly comfort. As of 2009 their room rates started at just .