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Reasons Why Door Alarms Are of Great Help to Caregivers

Dementia causes gradual deterioration of the ability to think. Dementia leads to the damage of the brain cells and those suffering from dementia should be monitored daily. If you have a relative who has become hot tempered and is unable to communicate, he/she may be suffering from dementia. Many people who have dementia suffer from the Alzheimer’s illness. Family members and caregivers find challenges in taking care of people with dementia especially those with dementia wandering. Dementia wandering causes a person to move out of home, go wandering and even driving to unknown destination without considering the time. The best way to take care of a person suffering from dementia wandering is by installing alarms. If your relative or grandparent moves out of the house through the door, the alarm will ring. If you are taking care of the elderly, you need the help of door alarms because of the following reasons.

It is better to use a door alarm rather than lock the door. It not recommendable to use a latch, padlock and other door locking mechanisms since fire may start. A locked door will prevent your grandparent from moving out during fire which may lead to burns, injuries and even death. As a person is moving out in case of dangers, the alarm will also enable you to find a solution immediately. You should not lock a person suffering from dementia inside the house since it makes him/her feel as if he/she is a child.

If you want better sleep, you should install an alarm on the doors. If you have been looking after your grandparents even at night, a door alarm will be of great help to you. Yu will relax at night since the alarm will ring when a person moves to the door. You can also install door alarms on the outside doors to prevent individuals suffering from memory loss from accessing your room or pool during the night.

Below are the most recommendable door alarms.

Many people prefer the PIR door alarm. The PIR alarm will ring even if the door is opened slightly. The PIR alarms can also be used to monitor those who are getting into a room. Installing the PIR alarm in the exterior will enable you to know when a person needs to use your house or needs help.

The other major door alarm to monitor the elderly is the string alarm. The string alarm has a string and a magnet. If the door is opened, the string will be detached from the magnet and the alarm will ring. To stop the alarm from ringing, you need to attach the string back to the magnet.

The other effective door alarm for the elderly is the floor sensor. You have to place the stepping pads next to the door on the floor. If the floor sensors detect some weight, the alarm ring.

The other door alarms for elderly is the magnetic door alarm.