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What you Need to Know so that you May Select the Right Protein Bar for You
Based on the high level of marketing and dissemination of knowledge in our current world, there is high chance you have ever been conflicted with a lot of options to select from when selecting the right protein bar for you, which can be so stressing due to the endless list. Protein bars vary a lot in terms of their levels of additives, sugars, fat, calories and other ingredients and you may find yourself spoiling yourself instead of treating yourself if you are not keen to read the labels carefully.
The protein energy bars are advantageous because they are convenient in boosting your energy and health without the need to sit down for a meal but there is no much to them because their ingredients can be easily collected and consumed at home. To benefit effectively from protein energy bars, calculating your own protein needs should be your first step before buying and consuming them because the protein requirements vary from person to person.
Protein is significant in many body processes but it is not produced by the body yet it has a vital role in processes like antibody formation, tissue connection, blood production, hair germination and growth, enzymes production, and is digested as amino acids, which are the building blocks of the type of protein that the body uses to build and maintain organs and muscles. Based on a research by Harvard Health, people are advised to take a protein amount of their weight multiplied by 0.36, which has been derived from a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 0.8 for every one kilogram of weigh, but this has not considered some important factors.
People who are more active with their bodies like athletes and people whose jobs need more physical activities, and pregnant and breastfeeding women need to intake more protein than the rest of the people due to the big importance of protein in building muscles. In determining the quantity of protein needed, the United States Department of Agriculture has come up with a calculator, in their website that assists a person determine their nutritional requirements, including the needed daily protein intake based on almost all factors that come into play, including sex, age, and activity levels.
One of the important tricks that you can use when trying to determine the source of your protein is going for the option that has low levels of processed carbs and fat saturation and is rich in nutrients as well. Look for protein energy bar with protein content that is at least 20 grams, if you work out a lot, be cautious to rule out protein energy bars that have ingredients that you are allergic to, stick to a bar with calories between 220 and 250 if it is not a sub for a full meal, do not settle for less than 3 grams of fiber and avoid sugars from artificial sweeteners such as erythritol if you want the best bar.

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