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Screen Printing Features.

Before commencing printing on a shirt it is important to know the kind of printing to apply. In the types of printing available, screen and direct to garment printing would be inclusive. The other types are; dye sublimation, heat press printing and vinyl cutting. Direct to garment printing involves new technology that facilitates the printing of designs and graphics directly into the fibers of clothing. The other names in which one can refer to direct to garment printing is; digital garment printing, inkjet to garment printing and digital apparel printing.

Direct to garment printing sets itself apart from the other types of printing due to the simplicity in the printing process. Another advantage that it has is in the long lasting designs and graphics. The designs can be made more long lasting through use of heat pressing. In direct to garment printing, there are many variations as compared to screen printing.

The other advantages in the direct to garment printing is seen in; time and labor invested in the printing, live computer preview prints and use of multiple printers with one computer. However direct to garment printing cannot be used in dark colored garments or t shirts.

Screen printing can be defined as the type of printing that involves using thick inks that lays on top of the shirt and doesn’t soak into the fibers of the shirt or garment to print graphics on it. Silk screening is the other name used to refer to screen printing. Screen printing applies when one is printing graphics that require one or two colors of the ink. For this purpose, using screen printing rather than direct to garment printing makes the colors more conspicuous, seen and have a soft silky feel. If one is not in a hurry to print, has few colors to print on garments and is looking for an affordable option to pick when printing, screen printing would be the right option for them.

Instances where one can use screen printing is in simple company logos, printing out t shirts with texts and in team names. It is a good printing choice for both dark and light garments.

Different printing options have different options and bring out the graphics or designs in a different manner. Before the printing process commences, understanding the expectations is key and necessary. Researching on the various printing options and the considerations on their advantages, use and cons provides insight on the right option. Printing using direct to garment or screen printing are all controlled by the prices involved. Choice in printing is made easier through the consideration of all these factors.

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