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15 Ways to Save Your Life from Danger

Its either you respond by fighting back to danger or taking a flight, don’t forget there is a group that not react in either way because they have no better options for the situation. When the third option is your take then you have high chances of getting hurt. When do something either fighting back or flying away you have greater opportunity to rescue yourself from being hurt. Although there are several available facts found on the internet some of them are just imaginary and are not workable, these ones here will be good for you. You are in the right place if you are searching for the lifesaving guides.

Ensure you react to a riptide. You should ensure you follow the tide directions to give yourself time to identify the best side for escape but always apply a diagonal swimming technique to get to the dry land.

Avoid disruption when walking. Every year we have about 11,000 injured people out of texting and walking simultaneously. Its doesn’t matter how pro you are in doing that but the fact is that your mind will pay more attention to one thing and mostly it’s your phone.

Avoid being wet when you are in frigid temperatures. You better choose wool cloth over cotton because it will help you to keep warm and quench the water in your skin.

Ensure you see your car on all sides. Find if you can at least have 90 % view of your vehicle at all times.

Understanding your wildlife can also help. You need to know which animal can harm you and which one will not.

Its not advisable to inflate your life jacket when you land on waters before you are out of the aircraft because you might delay saving your life from the sinking plane.

More to that you need to know how to help your hurting friend. You need to know when your friend needs medical attention from drug abuse or other condition for early treatment.

Learn CPR method so that you can use them correctly in case of a cardiac arrest as they are known to save a life.

When are in danger you need to ask for assistance. The secret here is to focus on certain people so that they can be sure you really need their help and no other people.

You need to know how to fight fire by depriving the oxygen instead of using water since it can heighten it.

The other lifesaving facts you need to read about includes the 3*3 rule in case you are in a place with no water or food, ward off intruder where you use flashlights against intruders, navigating a hike when you can find your way, how to react to an allergic reaction and the self-Heimlich maneuver when you are chocked.