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Essential Number of Astronomy Facts You Should Know About
Note that humankind has been studying the stars for long that is more than three and a half thousand years. Note that in that time humankind has made astonishing discoveries such as the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun and the rings of Saturn and many more. As technology has evolved we have been in a position to look beyond our solar system to the furthermost reaches of the universe. By doing so we have discovered some things that are even more astonishing check out this additional info.

Note below are the several astronomy facts that you will blow your mind after noting them. Even during the day mankind has spent all the whole history gazing at the stars. Note that there is a star that pops up in every morning that is right in the sky above us. Looking at the star from Earth it may seem not imposing but that is because it is a star that is many miles away from here that is 93 million miles away. Amazing thing about the sun is that it is 900,000 miles across meaning it is so huge that you could get to fit at least a million Earths inside it. Note that the sun is only an average sized star for example Betelgeuse is over 700 times larger than the sun.

Another astonishing fact to note is that Saturn is enormous that is about nine times of Earth’s size. But Saturn density is the lowest in the solar system.That is because it is made up typically of gas, and every cubic meter of Saturn in comparison that of Earth is a mass about one-eighth of each cubic meter of the Earth. Saturn is less dense than that of water making it possible that it would float if you happen to have a large bucket filled with water and that is a fact even it might be sounding crazy.

One of the most astonishing astronomical happenings you can see without the requirement for specialized equipment is a total solar eclipse. You might be wondering how that does come to be possible that moon covers well the face of the sun during a solar eclipse. Since the sun size is of a million Earths and on the other hand the moon is nowhere near that size. In this case, it happens to be possible due to incredible luck. When the diameter of the sun and that of the moon is compared the sun is 400 times greater than the moon. Both the sun and the moon you will find that sizes look almost the same in the sky from Earth that is because the sun is 400 times further away than the moon.