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Why you Need to Rent a Bike when on Vacation

When you are on holiday, you may get the urge to do some exercise. This is especially if you are surrounded by scenic hills and mountains, and the idea of cycling comes to mind. You have an option to rent a bike, or to send for yours from home. For most people, early booking means this is an activity already in their plans. In any case, renting a bike at the destination is the wiser of the two options. Here is why.

It is much cheaper for one to rent a bike at the destination than to have yours shipped over. In case there is an airline involved in the transfer, you can be sure the fees alone will shock you. You do not have to pay so much when there is well-equipped bike rental shop where you are taking the vacation.

There is also the fact that they shall stock way better bikes than what you own. This is a shop that has the best where bikes and their accessories are concerned. Their business is dealing with bikes and so they understand what works best in the surrounding terrain. They shall select the most suitable bike for your body type and riding experience, and adjust it to your ideal settings, from seat height to choice of pedals. Considering the frequent use of their bikes, they shall be well maintained, thus delivering proper performance as expected. You will also notice that they keep up with the changes in bike technology, to deliver a smooth riding experience. This is seen in the proliferation of electric bikes, and their efforts to keep up.

This decision shall also allow you to do more riding. It takes so much time to pack and get your bike ready for cycling. In renting, you only need to go to the shop and moments later, you have the bike you needed. They will need a few moments to get your details and make your specific adjustments, and you are off riding. At the end of your riding session, you shall simply give back the bike. You cannot enjoy the same level of efficiency had it been your bike. Imagine having to pack it again for the return trip, and the complications that arise at the airport.

By renting, you will keep your bike safe at home. Transporting your bike over such long distances exposes it to so many instances of damage, intentional or otherwise. You do not want to allow the chance of it getting damaged while in transit, and back. The same thing could happen when you also ship it back.

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