How to choose your mobile phone with care?

If you are trying to be apart of this technological world, then you should have a good smartphone in your hand. By the help of the right cell phone, you can connect with the entire world from now. Thanks to the internet technology that ahs brought the entire world into your finger tip. By the help of the online stores, you can find a lot of options, but still the apple is ruling the phone market. Because of its innovation towards the excellence the apple iPhone the giant of the market. Even the youngsters love it because of the privacy provided to the users. This privacy is the need of the hour as we people are fearing about the security of our data in internet world.

A few concerns

But the users are also disturbed by the fact that the new iPhone 12 does not have memory slots and there is only a 16 GB category in which if you are not interested you should go for a 64 GB category, there is no 32 GB category which would fit many average users and it is true that the users miss this 32 GB category.

Provisionsavailable for the users during a problem

It is easy to locate the service centres for the iPhone and this is the reason why people are very much happy about the fact that they are buying the appleiPhone. They also provide various provisions for the user if you get any physical damage. For example if you need to do replace the screen in aniPhone then you need to call them and get an appointment. If you visit them at the time, then they may check whether your phone is eligible for the out of warranty service. They also charge you some nominal amount for the physical damages and you get your new phone or old phone repaired with 3 or 4 business days if it has any major issues. Otherwise you will get your done within the day of your appointment.

The quality giant

It’s apple once again and hence there is no complaints regarding the quality as many other android phones are still struggling to achieve some percent but we need some changes even now.A new feature introduced by the apple in the iPhone 6 is this touch ID. The old iPhone 5 does not include this feature and it again stoles the heart of user.